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Punjab Police Jobs

The Punjab Police is a Police Force law and order government organization accountable for keeping Law and Order in the overall province of Punjab.

Punjab Police Department

The Punjab Police Department is working under the command of Inspector General (IG) Punjab Police.

Moreover, it controls all criminal cases by taking action under the Police Act 1861 and 2002 against criminals in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.

Punjab Police Department Role

There are around 180,000 employees working in Punjab Police department

In addition, All the rules and regulations of the department are made under the instruction of the constitution of Pakistan.

Also, The headquarter of Punjab Police is situated in the city of Lahore, Punjab.

It roles to

  • relief women
  • searching most wanted terrorists
  • custody criminal records
  • monitoring domestic crimes
  • the search of lost persons
  • recovering stolen vehicles
  • sending un-identified dead bodies to their relatives.


  • dealing and treating E-Complaints
  • guaranteeing safety of the general public
  • finding missing children
  • holding in records list of those who are yet not found
  • verification of character certificate
  • registering the record of occupants are its responsibilities.

Punjab Police Departments

Firstly, below given is the list of all Specified forces in Punjab police department:

  1. Counter Terrorism Department (CTD)

2.Criminal Investigation Agency(CIA)

3.Special Protection Unit (SPU)

4.Punjab Elite Force

5.Punjab Boundary Force

6.Punjab River Police

7.Punjab Traffic Police

8.Punjab Highway Patrol

9.Punjab Dolphin Force

Punjab Police formations

Secondly, Check out below The main police formations

  • Central Police Office (CPO), Punjab
  • Police Regions
  • Investigation Branch
  • Special Branch
  • Telecommunication Branch
  • Operation branch

Punjab Police Jobs, how to apply

The Punjab Police department also follows strict responsibility rules for its employs.

Therefore, The employs are chosen on the basis of physical and educational eligibility criteria.

The eligibility criteria are set by the government for each grade and position.

However, The entry test also concludes a Psychological test. Minimum height of lady constable should be 5 feet and 2 inches.

If called for an interview, an original identity card domicile certificate, original academic certificates, passport size photo are a must.

Finally, Applicants have the option to submit an online form on Punjab Police Department Official Website.

Submit the application before the closing date of the form submission.