Nabila’s marriage at the age of 40 Story Urdu latest News

Nabila’s marriage at the age of 40 Story Urdu latest News, نبیلہ کی چالیس سال کی عمر میں دوبارہ شادی کرنے کی کہانی, Why Nabila’s Remarry at 40 and Nabilas first Divorce reason, Story Revealed in an interview

نبیلہ پاکستان کا حتمی فیشن آئیکون ہیں جو ابتدا ہی سے اپنے سجیلا بال کٹوانے کی وجہ سے مشہور ہیں۔ وہ اپنے شعبے میں ایک سرخیل ہیں اور انہوں نے اپنے حیرت انگیز ہنر کے ذریعے فیشن اور انداز کی نئی تعریف کی۔ نبیلہ نے اپنی صفر میک اپ کٹ بھی شروع کی جو لوگوں کے درمیان کافی مشہور ہے۔

Nabila’s first Divorce reason, Story Revealed in an interview

In an interview, she shared her divorce story and how she got married again at the age of forty.

She shared, “So my first marriage drifted apart because a lot was happening and you know my focus was on work and children and I found myself being a very strong person but when things drifted apart very nicely we just had a talk.”“I said that its time that we move on you can find someone better and I need to do what I need to do, I need more focus. My marriage lasted for 22 years, and everything nice and nothing wrong. Very nicely we parted one day.”

Sharing her story, she said, “I was single for a couple of years because I thought I didn’t need anyone and then I realized no, companionship is a different thing altogether and you can have a cat as a companion, you can be with your mother as a companion or you can be with a man or a woman, whatever you like.”

“I realized that it doesn’t have to be rich, it doesn’t have to be good looking, I don’t need the passport, I don’t need the house, I don’t need the children. At this point in my life, what do I need? Again I had to be very honest with myself and I said I need to laugh, I need to be happy, I need to be with someone with whom I can just laugh and that’s all I need. I don’t need anybody to complete me because I am complete,” Nabila added. She talked about falling in love and her second marriage.

She said, “I am too practical and cold to fall in love. So I met Emu, he is genuine, good spirit, self-made, talented, loving and he makes me smile and that’s it. Nothing more nothing less. We have been together for ten years now and that’s it.”

Nabila's marriage at the age of 40 Story Urdu latest News

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